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The New Model For Building Your Real Estate Business

The LeadKast CRM, Marketing, and Engagement Platform For Real Estate Professionals unlocks the tools every Real Estate Professional needs and allows you to compete on an even playing field. LeadKast is not just a lead generation and training platform. It’s a client acquisition tool used by Real Estate Professionals to take back control of their marketing. Don’t be held hostage by companies charging you thousands of dollars every month to generate leads. Use the tools LeadKast provides and be that Professional your local market is looking for.


LEADKAST takes the guess work out of marketing by giving you access to proven marketing campaigns that you can copy and use for yourself, allowing you to generate buyer and seller leads on your own.  We also provide you the proven tools you need for your business to be successful. Tools like fully customizable, marketing sales funnels, branded websites with built in blogs as well as chabots and survey funnels for you to generate buyer and seller leads.  LEADKAST lead management system allows you to stay in touch with your leads with a click of your mouse.  Use Our Prebuilt Email Campaigns, prebuilt SMS/Texting Campaigns, or our social media integration to instantly stay connected to your potential clients.


You Have Questions? We Have The Answers. LeadKast holds Live Webinars all throughout the week ensuring you are never left behind. Whether you are looking for hands-on training to assist you in getting your business set up the right way or you need advanced marketing techniques to get your lead generation ramped up and going, our whole LeadKast Team is here for you and your Business!  LeadKast is developing a growing Community of Professionals helping Professionals. The ability to plug into a community that is here for your support is huge in the growth of your Real Estate Business!




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  • Mark M.
"Lehman has gone over-the-top with his service and one-on-one communication to ensure that my vision for my business and social media looks exactly the way I want it to! He patiently endures all of my newbie questions and has the ability to explain how all the parts of social media connect together. I highly recommend Lehman. He will help make you a professional, dynamic and gorgeous online presence."
“You know that saying, ‘some folks come and go from your life, and some stay a life time.’ Lehman is one of those folks for me, that will stay a lifetime. He has been a colleague, a mentor, and even a boss for me. However, the most valuable asset for me is Lehman’s loyalty and integrity. That’s the best kind of friend, colleague, and mentor anyone could have. Loyalty and integrity speak volumes for many folks and it’s huge for me. Thanks for all you have done for me, Lehman!"
"I have known Lehman Hailey now since late 2005 and have done several Business transactions with Lehman. He was also a mentor to me, teaching me several ways of more effectively running my business. If you are considering working with Lehman I would take that Opportunity and he has most definitely increased my bottom line in my business."
"I have known Lehman for close to a decade. In that time I have been fortunate to have called him partner, coach, mentor, teacher, but most importantly friend. He has always been a helping hand when I needed it and I am grateful for the collaborative mastermind sessions that have always created great results. If you are considering working with Lehman, by all means, take it from someone who has benefited greatly; take the opportunity, you will be grateful you did."