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🤑 Listings = Leads

🏠 🏠 Realtors, make sure that you are capitalizing on every listing you get. Your listings should ALWAYS be a lead magnet that generates you future business. If you are a new Realtor and don’t have any listings then you need to get creative. Go to every Agent in your office that has listings and get permission from them to market those listings.
🚀 🚀 This not only helps them get the word out, it helps you generate leads for your own business. Hope this helps. Enjoy the video and let us know what you think.

Realtors!! It’s 2021 – STOP leaving money on the table – Top Strategy For Generating Leads With Your Listings 2021. Make sure you are ALWAYS utilizing EVERY tool you have to generate leads. Remember, you are a marketer FIRST!  Every time you get a listing you should ALWAYS us that listing in every way you can to generate more leads.  Yes, you are a Real Estate Agent that list homes for clients.  Yes, you are a real estate agent that assist clients in making one of the biggest decisions in their life.  Please remember that you are a marketer FIRST.  If you do not have leads (buyer or seller) then you are just waiting for your next deal/client to be referred to you.  Make sure you are ALWAYS doing income producing activities every single day.  Generating Leads with Listings is just one of those ways!

Enjoy The Video Below:


You can get more info on tools that can help you with your real estate business at

Lehman Hailey

🔥 🔥 🔥 Hey Realtors….Happy Thursday morning. In today’s video I will be walking you through how simple it is for ANYONE to create their very own marketing asset in about 10 mins or less with ZERO technical skills. No longer do you have to hire expensive programmers to create amazing pages that collect buyer and sellers lead into your business. 💲 💸 It’s time to take back control of your marketing. Let us know what you think about this video and let us know how this might help you in your business! You can get the full demo of LeadKast over at — I will have another video posted here for you tomorrow! Enjoy the video below!