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Lehman Hailey started in his career in the mortgage industry working his way into owning a medium sized mortgage company that was licensed in 13 states with multiple offices in Florida and Tennessee. All in all he was very successful in that industry closing millions of dollars per month in mortgages with some of the top lenders in the country.

The most enjoyment comes from working with Real Estate and Mortgage Professional and teaching them how to not only engage with potential clients through systems and automations, but helping them build, grow, and scale their businesses.


So Lehman did what many others have done, he searched for a Legitimate Business From Home that would allow him to spend more time with his wife and two young sons, work at home, enjoy life as well as replace his current income.

As he narrowed his search to the areas that would allow him to create a substantial income while enjoying his family, he decided to try the Direct Sales Industry, and one that had an online marketing formula.

Applying some of the same principles as well as some of the new ones he learned in his company, Lehman quickly shot to the top of the first company he was with and, in fact, he became one of the top earners in the field.

He was then able to duplicate that same success factor with two other companies and holding executive leadership positions and training positions in all three of those companies.


Over the last 15+ years, Lehman has mentored hundreds of people from several different countries, coaching them how to successfully establish and get in front of their target market for their business.

In 2014 Lehman decided to get his Real Estate License and merge the two things he enjoyed the most and that is Real Estate and Marketing. He and his team have built out many real estate marketing funnels and campaigns for other agents as well as mortgage professionals.

Here we are now in 2019 and he and his partner Peter Branislav are working on a system that will bridge the gap between Mortgage Professionals and Real Estate Agents allowing rapid engagement between the two as well as the clients that utilizes their services. Stay tuned for some big news.





I have been married to my amazing wife Kathleen since 1998 and as you can tell from the picture we really love to travel. With my work we have been able to travel to several different countries, seeing some of the really amazing sites of the world. I think two of our favorite things to do every year is go to the mountains or beach....sometimes with the kids, and sometimes with just our dog Cooper 🙂



I have two amazing sons, Matthew and Nicholas. It has been such a pleasure to watch them both grow up to be great young men. Whether coaching their football, soccer, or basketball teams when they were young or watching them both play in high school, those are memories that I will never forget. I look forward to watching both of them as they grow older and and start families of their own 🙂



I have always had an interest in taking control of my own financial future when it comes to work. Knowing that my success is directly related to the effort and work that I put in has always been something that has interest me and that is why I have been self employed now for 25+ years. I also love the creativity that being self employed brings. You are almost forced to be someone who thinks outside the box.