The DNA of Internet Marketing

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The DNA of Internet Marketing takes the tips and tools Lehman Hailey has learned over the past five years and condenses them into a step-by-step formula for internet marketing success. Relying on both his own experience and the most recent trends in internet marketing, Lehman provides a guide by which anyone – successful entrepreneur or web newbie – has the opportunity to walk away from the corporate culture and find success in a home business.

With tips about which automated tools work best to suggestions about where to spend your marketing budget – and how to survive and grow before you have a budget – this book can help even the least internet savvy person build a successful online business in a chosen field.  Inside the book you will find tips on how to build credibility in your industry as well as ways to drive easily convertible leads to your squeeze page and branding site, which the book also walks you through how to create and where to go to make it happen.

This book is designed to cut straight to the heart of the internet marketing scene, exposing the secrets and tools of the trade from an insider’s point of view.  Covering everything from developing the target market to determining the most valuable keywords to how to write and publish the best blogs, marketing articles and press releases, Lehman leaves no detail to chance; The DNA of Internet Marketing is a must-read for anyone seeking more success.