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Everything you do in business from marketing, phone work, to paperwork can be outsourced. You simply have to determine how much your time is worth. If you are someone who doesn’t like to write articles, press releases, or blogs, you can outsource it. If you don’t like doing web design or building squeeze pages, outsource it.  Look, you’ve probably come to the point where you are working on the internet because you’ve made a choice to have more free time, to have time to spend with your family. You may have even purposely walked away from the corporate world. So why would you waste that time doing some of the menial tasks associated with internet marketing if you can have someone else do them for you? There are places you can go to get just about anything done for you at a very good price that keep you from being chained to your computer doing all of the work yourself. Find out what you are good at doing, and do it. Outsource the rest. Let me give you an example of how this works. You have a job to be done, for example, a website that you want to have designed. You can go to several places and post a job that need to be done. You will give your job a title as well as exactly what you are wanting, and people from around the world will bid on your job. It is much like E-bay but opposite. People on E-Bay bid on products and the price of the product go up until the highest bidder takes the prize. When you place jobs on outsourcing sites, professionals bid the job down. It is up to you to select the person that you want to work with.

Places To Post You Jobs (Work You Need Done):

• Scriptlance.com

• Guru.com

• Elance.com

• Rentacoder.com

• Agentsofvalue.com (this is a company where you can hire people from

overseas full or part time to work for you)

Explore these websites. I recommend scriptlance first, then guru. I seem to have the most success with the professionals associated with those sites.

How to Write Your Ad

There is important verbiage you should use in your ad to attract the right kind of contractor. Your ad should say, “Easy if you know what you are doing.” It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a logo for your website or article marketing. Everything you post, on any of these websites, should contain that phrasing. “This project should be easy for anyone who has experience…” or, “This project will be easy if you know what you are doing.” Specify what type of specialist you need…writer, graphic designer, website builder. This phrase should appear at the bottom of each of your posts. Studies have shown that by using this phrase not only do you increase the number of bidders on the project, but you tend to get a better deal. Another phrase that is important is to mention that the project is to “clone” something that has already been done. For example, if you want a website designed and there is a website out there that you want to emulate, you can advertise on your outsourcing ad that you are looking to “clone a website.”

What Can You Outsource?

Anything that has to do with internet marketing can be outsourced, from building your pages to writing and submitting articles and press releases. Customer support and accounting functions can be outsourced. Web design and graphics arts…basically everything you need for your business can be outsourced. How Do You Post a Project? The first thing you will need to do is create an account with whichever site you choose. You’ll be assigned a username and password, which you can use to log in to the site. When you need to hire someone, you simply post a project. You can choose how long the project is posted, what categories the job posts to, and the budget range of the project. I never post a budget range, however; I wait and let the professionals tell me how much they’ll charge. Type in the description of your job, including the recommended phrase. You can attach information to the job posting, but I don’t recommend it. I only send that information to the person to whom I’ve awarded the project. You can pay extra to feature the job or make it private, but I don’t do either. Once you’ve completed creating the project, just click “submit project.”

Outsourcing Tips

Most of the sites, like guru and scriptlance, have specific rules about how you contact professionals. Make sure you read through the rules and regulations for the outsourcing sites you. As well, you should never choose the lowest bidder just because it’s a low bid. Make sure the person you choose is actually capable of providing the services you are requesting. Ask to see samples or review their profile. Most sites have some kind of ranking system that is visible to you. Make sure the person you are hiring does not have a bunch of negative feedback from previous employers.

What ‘s Your Job?

You should spend time obtaining specialized knowledge in your field or industry. Build yourself into a credible expert. Create a system, become a contractor. Delegate. If you find someone who does good work for you, keep them. Pay them well. Treat them right. You’ll get better work from them.

When to Hire

I’ll probably never hire anyone in house. For me, outsourcing is too convenient and gives me access to the best talent around the world and not just what’s in my own community. It also keeps me from having added overhead, because I never have to deal with benefits like health

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