Meet Lehman Hailey

Online Marketer and Founder of HarpethDigital

Lehman Hailey has an extensive background in real estate and is considered one of the leading experts in internet marketing and direct sales techniques.
Lehman has proven himself to be a very innovative and successful entrepreneur in these as well as other areas.


Lehman Hailey started in his career in the mortgage industry working his way into owning a medium sized mortgage company that was licensed in 13 states with multiple offices in Florida and Tennessee. All in all he was very successful in that industry closing millions of dollars per month in mortgages with some of the top lenders in the country.

And even though his business was extremely successful, he realized that he was tired of working 60-80 hours per week, and spending nights and weekends in his office instead of with his family.

So Lehman did what many others have done, he searched for a Legitimate Business From Home that would allow him to spend more time with his wife and two young sons, work at home, enjoy life as well as replace his current income.

As he narrowed his search to the areas that would allow him to create a substantial income while enjoying his family, he decided to try the Direct Sales Industry, and one that had an online marketing formula.

Applying some of the same principles as well as some of the new ones he learned in his company, Lehman quickly shot to the top of the first company he was with and, in fact, he became one of the top earners in the field.

He was then able to duplicate that same success factor with two other companies and holding executive leadership positions and training positions in all three of those companies.

In 2006 Lehman started his own internet marketing company, developed his own products and held monthly marketing workshops in Dallas to packed conference rooms. His coaching program specializes in showing his students how to market their products and services successfully with an emphasis on creating multiple streams of income, prioritizing time and goals and mentoring others.

Over the last 8 years, Lehman has mentored hundreds of people from several different countries, coaching them how to successfully establish a target market for their business.

According to Lehman, Direct Sales and Internet Marketing are the best ways to create a residual income freeing up their time so they can spend it doing what they enjoy instead of being a slave to their company.

When asked about the current economic climate and the downturn in the economy, Lehman is enthusiastic about the opportunities in the internet marketing and the direct sales fields.

“The Most Dependable And Consistent Way
To Scale Your Business Is Through Constant
Targeted Lead Flow”